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Himalayan Style is a collaboration between like-minded friends who live and work in Nepal. All are involved in designing, producing or collecting objects of the very highest quality. Most of us have been doing our individual businesses for many many years, yet it is only in 2006 that we joined together under what we considered the perfect umbrella of Himalayan Style.
KAYA, Asian Jewellery mixes old pieces with new, especailly gold and semi-precious stones and beads. Styles vary from ethnic to modern jewelry. No two pieces are identical but small to medium wholesale orders are encouraged.
Kesi Silk Tapestry is a very specialised small cottage industry, where each piece is handwoven and takes several weeks to months to weave on specially constructed vertical looms. Individual tapestries are sold and can be commissioned.
Pagoda fine cashmere and silks produces luxury cashmere blankets, shawls, sweaters and accessories- small to medium orders are required.
A selection of ethnic or tribal art is offered in the form of primitive figures and Himalayan furniture - these are old pieces so each one is unique.
Wendy Marston designs in silver are unique objects made by master craftsmen and women in the valley of Kathmandu. Individual pieces can be bought or ordered.
We hope you enjoy this web site and the products that are offered. If you have any general comments or queries please

We have links to other related sites in which some of us are directly involved, or that we believe are worthy of recommendation.

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