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This page was updated in July 2009
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As with the furniture, Tibetan rugs offer a dazzling display of colour and design. The kaden rugs, also known as "3 by 6" in reference to their approximate size in feet, were placed on wooden platforms, which were used as seats during the day and, at night, the rugs were then rolled up so the platforms could be used as beds. Saddle rugs were usually produced in sets, with the larger rug, either oval, rectangular or butterfly-shaped, going under the saddle and a smaller rectangular one on top. Some of these rugs show the very finest work and would have been used, in the same way as one uses ones' best clothes, only on very special occasions. Small rectangular rugs, similar in size to the top-saddle rugs, were used for seats. Long runners were used by the monks as seats in Tibetan monasteries.


Tibetan Rug 1
Rug 1

Tibetan Rug 2
Rug 2

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Rug 6

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