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This page was updated in October 2014
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Amongst Tibet furniture, cabinets are perhaps the most popular for the ease with which they can be adapted into a modern home. Under this category are also included altars and pegams, the cabinets with the carved frames around the top, designed to hold the long-leaf Tibetan books. The most usual cabinets, the ones with the panels and doors opening in the front were found both in the Tibetan monasteries as well as in the homes, leading to a wide variety of decoration. Notable are the yangam and torgam used respectively to hold blessed vases and ritual offering cakes, know as torma. The cabinets produced in the Eastern Tibetan region of Kham are usually made with much more massive structures and bright, bold colours and designs which reflect the character of the people of the region. With the cabinets, particularly, the artists of the day could give free reign to their aesthetic inspiration, without the iconographic constraints of religious art. Therefore, the cabinets offer a wide variety of decorations, from floral patterns, geometric designs and Buddhist auspicious symbols, to pictorial representations of popular stories.


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