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Kachalinta: Asian art gallery with fine Tibetan furniture, antique Tibetan rugs & carpets and Himalayan tribal art.

Authentic Tibetan Furniture, Rugs & Objects
Nepali tribal art & old jewelry

About Kachalinta

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tibetan table
Table Gallery

primitive figure
Tribal Gallery
tibetan box
Box Gallery

Kachalinta is based in Kathmandu, Nepal and offers a collection of the finest, old, authentic Tibetan furniture, rugs, objects d'art and Himalayan tribal art. Each piece has been carefully selected to ensure the finest quality. Everything has been carefully cleaned and expertly restored, ready to be placed in your home.
Kachalinta also has a gallery of old Himalayan jewellery, mainly from Nepal and Tibet. Some pieces have been modified so they can be worn in a modern manner, while retaining all their original character. Kachalinta has a selection of authentic furniture in the UK. All the other pieces are currently in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Every piece featured in this Web site has been selected by Luca and Camilla Corona, co-authors of the article "Tibetan furniture, Its Construction and Use in Tibetan Society" in Serindia's publication WOODEN WONDERS: TIBETAN FURNITURE IN SECULARE AND RELIGIOUS LIFE. Ed. By David Kamansky, November 2004. See About Kachalinta
World-wide shipping organised.
Please contact us for prices, more photos and other information.

A WORD OF WARNING. There are many fakes and replicas in the market: for more information go to ABOUT FAKES

Tibetan cabinet
Cabinet Gallery

old jewelry
Old Himalayan

tibetan furniture in UK
Tibetan Furniture
in the UK

tibetan rugs
Rug Gallery

Tibetan objects
Object Gallery

himalayan mask
Tribal Art
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